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Benjamen Walker’s new podcast “Theory of Everything” kicks off with a three-parter about the cloud. Seriously good stuff. Part 2 and Part 3.

David Rakoff Tribute from the album: Selected Shorts Podcast

David Rakoff reads Leonard Michaels’ “Cryptology,” and Roberto Bolano’s “Gomez Palacio.”

The show is MCed by David Sedaris.

Ann Friedman x Max Linsky from the album: Longform Podcast

Longform podcast is a real gem - listening to writers talk about the ins and outs of their work. In this episode Max interviews Ann Friedman who sounds like a very cool lady.

Harper High

A two-parter from This American Life about a school with 29 shootings and the life of its students.

Part 1

Part 2

Interview with Thom Yorke by Here's The Thing

This interview on @heresthething combines my 2 favorites: Thom Yorke and Alec Baldwin. 

490: Trends with Benefits by This American Life

That noise you hear is the conservative mob that just listened to this @thisamerlife episode.

How unexpected and awesome is it that Meryl Streep said “fuckable” to Terry Gross in this interview?

So many great interviews in this episode of Bullseye with @JesseThorn